True Gent or Pure Scum

Sid's Newtow

Dan was the second person I shot at Hawleywood Barbers, Sid being the first and the one to offer me a fine cut!

Dan wasn’t a big talker, happy enough to allow me to take his photo he was very content to sit and sketch.  I would say Dan is a bit of an artist, and by the look of the mow you would have to agree!

Dan’s Newtown is described as diverse, different characters and its always changing.  Newtown has a relaxed atmosphere and runs at its own pace.

To Dan Newtown has two personality types.  One being Gutter Punk Scum and the other Free Spirited Artist.  When I asked Dan which would he belong too, with a grin and without doubt he said “Gutter Punk Scum”

Personally I would say Dan is a bit of both Pure Scum and True Gent and I think his tattoos spoke louder than his words.  For this reason I am including two other pictures I took of Dan.

Thanks Dan,

Cheers Faces!


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