A stressed but smiling Newtown from Loretta

Loretta's Newtown

I saw Loretta sitting out in the public square having a smoke looking like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders and wondered if I should approach her for a photo or not.  With nothing to fear but a rejection from a lovely looking young lady I asked and this is one of the photos I got of Loretta.

Loretta works as a civilian in the Newtown Police station on the front desk.  This was a particular stressful day as there was a siege at the Chinese consulate and to say it was madness would have been an understatement.  It was this siege that was causing Loretta to have somewhat of a stressful day, it was the reason she was out the front having a sneaky ciggy break.

Working in the police station in the suburb where you live can be challenging.  Loretta sees the best and worse of Newtown.  If I was working in another place you can easily believe bad things don’t happen, but when you work in the area you live and that work involves the bad things, sometimes its hard to hide the fact that Newtown isn’t always safe, fun and accepting.  Though Loretta knows that on some streets bad things have happened and will continue to happen this hasn’t persuaded Loretta to leave or live or for that matter work elsewhere.

Loretta likes the people of Newtown, having moved here four years ago from out West.  The people are easy to get to know and make friends with.  People in Newtown are eclectic.  Newtown accepts you for who you are, you can have a Mohawk or wear pink spandex and people will not judge you for it.

Loretta then went on to describe Newtown in a way that made me think in part of a ways someone may describe their perfect boyfriend or girlfriend.  “Newtown is accepting it doesn’t mind who you are and it doesn’t ask you change it accepts you just as you are and makes you feel good about that”.  I really liked this about Loretta’s Newtown, talking about Newtown as a person she gave it a soul a feeling she made it a real place and not just a real place to live.

Thanks Loretta for your Newtown.

Cheers Faces


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