What is Newtown to a Rockabilly

Amanda's Newtown

I saw Amanda sitting on a park bench looking at her phone with curlers in her hair looking very 1950’s.  If it gets easier to go up to strangers and ask for a photo I haven’t reached that point yet, but I do believe its always worth it!

Amanda has been in Newtown and Australia for about a year, originally hailing from Vancouver Canada.

Looking at Amanda I new there was a story and I was not disappointed.  Amanda is an exceptionally creative artistic musically gifted woman.  She is a Burlesque performer, plays in a number of bands from Jazz to Rockabilly and is a filmmaker of documentaries.  One such documentary was “Tailor Made” about two Japanese Tailors who into their 70s with their health failing and no one to pass their trade onto they were confronting their own mortality.

What attracts Amanda to Newtown is the people and the acceptance.  Gay, straight, goth, punk, rockabilly it doesn’t matter, more than that it is what makes Newtown.  Amanda describes Newtown as a true village with a sense of community, people take the time to get to know each other, they look out for the homeless in the park, instead of trying to move them on they are more likely to provide them with some food or buy them a coffee.

Newtown has a bohemian look and feel, its safe and relaxed, a place you always want to return to.

You don’t look weird in Newtown or if you do the weirder you look the better and more welcoming Newtown becomes.  You are more likely to get a positive comment for pink hair or a Mohawk than a designer dress or jeans.  You are not judged, or if you are its not a judgement or worthy or unworthy but rather just how cool you look being you.

There is a downside to Newtown and it’s a case of the secret getting out.  Newtown’s appeal is driving up rents, its pushing artist further out and it’s becoming the “cool” place to be.  The Newtown festival use to be a festival celebrated by people living in Newtown, now more people living in Newtown are likely to leave for the day as the hordes arrive.

But while  Newtown attracts the buskers,  the rockabillies, the gay, the straight, the punk and goth, and they can continue to all walk the street in acceptance of each other celebrating their diversity Newtown will be the place to return to.

Thank Amanda for your story of Newtown

Cheers Faces!


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