Newtown Through Xiluva

Xiluva Newtown

Mozambique Xiluva

Xiluva’s Newtown is one from the outside coming in.  Xiluva doesn’t live in Newtown and was here with her friend but never the less she is part of Newtown as Newtown is the sum of all its parts, including those the choose to come here for the day or night and add their own color to Newtown.

Xiluva’s story is extraordinary, which isn’t surprising as Newtown has thrown up many an extraordinary story.  She was borne in Mozambique, moved to Australia at 6mths and then back to Mozambique until she was seven and then back to Australia where she spent her childhood living in Stanmore (part of the Sydney Inner West, just like Newtown).  So while she cant claim Newtown as home just now, she certainly can claim that she is part of the Inner West.

Xiluva currently lives in the Eastern Suburb of Edgecliff, but would love to live in Newtown, ironically though the rent in Newtown now outstrips some of those in the Eastern Suburbs.

Xiluva loves the buzzing energy of Newtown with its (if I may steal from a musical) “anything goes” attitude.

Xiluva contrasted Newtown with Edgecliff and found Newtown is much younger, exciting and interesting where Edgecliff is safe, older and calm.

Xiluva used the variety of food available in Newtown as a metaphor for acceptance and embracing of diversity.  Newtown is a place where culture is preserved and celebrated.  You have African, Turkish, Japanese, Thai, Greek, Nepalese, Mexican, Spanish and Irish restaurants, and it is this diversity in food where you can see, appreciate and taste the cultures of the world.

Thanks Xiluva,



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