Newtown’s story – 2042

Tom's Newtown

Hell On Wheels that’s the name of Tom’s shop.  Tom lives in the Inner West of Sydney and works in Newtown where he is the owner of the bike shop Hell On Wheels. I think I will write Hell On Wheels a few more times before this post ends, as its just a fun set of words to write and an awesome name of a shop!

Tom rides BMX, breaths BMX, races BMX, sells BMX and fixes BMX. Tom shop is as unique as him and its this uniqueness that makes Tom’s shop fit in so well at Newtown. It’s Tom’s passion for BMX that makes his shop work, he pretty much specialises in BMX (he does have a few other bikes) but BMX is the bread and butter for Tom. He is both the owner and a rider a combination that is unique in today’s mass production put together processed world.

Tom’s Newtown

Tom likes Newtown because of its and I quote “distinct lack of beach wankers”.  It is a busy place without being overly crowded, good for business but also good for walking around meeting up with friends grabbing a bite to eat.

Newtown for Tom is a grand melting pot “its ratty but got its shit together” its an easy going place where people are happy to be themselves.

Thanks Tom for your Newtown

Sid's Newtown

Sid works in Hawleywood and old school 1930’s style barber shop and gave me an very nice number one and finished off the edges with the cut throat.  So when I say old school, I mean old school.

I really like this pose because it betrays Sid’s former occupation, that of a man that served many years in the Australian Armed Forces 1st Brigade 5th Battalion Infantry. Sid completed three tours overseas and said it has allowed him to now appreciate the simple things in life. Looking for a more humble normal life.

Sid’s Newtown

Sid doesn’t yet live in the Newtown area, he is looking for a place to rent. This is one of the downsides of Newtown and the Inner West, the more popular it becomes the harder and more expensive it becomes to live in.

Newtown for Sid is a place of culture, great bands and good pubs.  It has an alternative wild side to the place, and its accepting of everyone

Thanks Sid for your Newtown

These are my first two post of Newtown through Human Architecture.  There are eight more stories of Newtown and they will prove to be as diverse as the people in Newtown.

Cheers Faces


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